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    Paco de la Cruz

    Paco de la Cruz
    Microsoft Azure MVP and Senior Development Consultant who since 2001 has been working with different technologies and platforms architecting, designing, and implementing a range of different software solutions, including Cloud Integration, Application Integration, and Collaboration. He is currently certified as MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure by Microsoft.
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    Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) – Logic Apps and the Azure Integration Services

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 01 February 2018

    Azure API Management, Azure Functions, iPaaS, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Blog, Vision & Digital Transformation, Technology


    A year ago, I wrote a post about this very same topic, the Microsoft Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). At that time, the core iPaaS product offering, Azure Logic Apps, was roughly 6 months old, since it’s generally available launch. Since the launch date, we’ve seen an impressive release...

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    Externalising Business Rules on Azure Logic Apps using Liquid Templates

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 17 January 2018

    Logic Apps, Liquid Templates, Business Rules Engine, Blog, Technology


    In Azure Logic Apps workflows, you can implement conditions and switch cases to control the flow based on runtime inputs and outputs. This functionality is quite useful, and in many cases, can be used to implement the business rules required. However, those business rules are inherent to the workflow, and...

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    Publishing Custom Queries of Logic Apps Execution Logs

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 07 December 2017

    Logic Apps, Monitoring, Azure Log Analytics, Blog, Technology

    In a previous post, I showed how to implement Business Activity Monitoring for Logic Apps. However, sometimes developers, ops, or business users want to query execution logs to get information about the processing of business messages. Whether for troubleshooting or auditing, there are some questions these personas...

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    Business Activity Monitoring on Azure Logic Apps with Azure Log Analytics

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 03 December 2017

    Azure, Logic Apps, Monitoring, Azure Log Analytics, BAM, Business Activity Monitoring, Blog, Technology


    Azure Logic Apps provide built-in monitoring tools that allow you to check the run history (including all inputs and outputs of triggers and actions), trigger history, status, performance, etc. Additionally, you can enable diagnostic logging on your Logic Apps and send all these runtime details and events...

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    Preparing Azure Logic Apps for CI/CD using ARM Templates

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 11 October 2017

    Azure, Continuous Integration, Logic Apps, ARM Templates, Blog, Technology


    Logic Apps can be created from the Azure Portal, or using Visual Studio. This works well if you want to create one Logic App at a time. However, if you want to deploy the same Logic App in multiple environments, e.g. Dev, Test, or Production, you want to do it in an automated way. Azure Resource Manager...

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    Monitoring Configuration Drifts on Azure with Event Grid and Logic Apps

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 06 September 2017

    Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid, Azure Automation, Azure Resource Manager, Blog, Technology


    Azure Event Grid is a first-class and hyperscale eventing platform with intelligent filtering that has recently been released in preview and is a real game changer to build event-driven serverless apps on Azure. There have been many other posts, including this one from my colleague Dan Toomey, which...

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    When to Use an Azure App Service Environment v2 (App Service Isolated)

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 08 August 2017

    App Service Environment, App Service Isolated, App Services, Architecture, Azure, Blog, Vision & Digital Transformation, Technology


    The Azure App Service Environment (ASE) is a premium feature offering of the Azure App Services which is fully isolated, highly scalable, and runs on a customer's virtual network. On an ASE you can host Web Apps, API Apps, Mobile Apps and Azure Functions. The first generation of the App Service...

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    The Logic Apps Webhook Action and the Correlation Identifier Pattern

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 17 July 2017

    Development, Enterprise Integration Patterns, Twilio, Logic Apps, Webhook, Blog, Technology


    In many business scenarios, there is the need to implement long-running processes which first send a message to a second process and then pause and wait for an asynchronous response before they continue. Being this an asynchronous communication, the challenge is to correlate the response to the original...

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    Triggering an Azure Logic App by SMS messages with Twilio

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 05 July 2017

    Development, Twilio, Logic Apps, Blog, Technology


    SMS messaging has been a widely adopted way of communication over the last decades, not only for people but for organisations as well. Even though nowadays there are many messaging apps that are more popular and flexible than plain SMS, there are still scenarios in which businesses find SMS messaging a...

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    Transforming JSON Objects in Logic Apps

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 18 May 2017

    Azure, Development, Enterprise Integration Patterns, iPaaS, JSON, Logic Apps, Blog, Technology


    Many integration scenarios require translating messages from one data model to another. This is described in the Message Translator Enterprise Integration Pattern. Some of these might be:

    • Translation between two different proprietary data models
    • Translation between a proprietary data model and an...
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