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09 July, 2018 by Sujay Athavale


Hello, thanks for stopping by! If you are wondering what it's like to work at Mexia, you have come to the right place. I recently started here and I will be sharing my experience of the first month in this Senior Consultant role.

As I was researching Mexia before joining, I developed the impression that it is a very modern and dynamic workplace, which places great importance on its own team. As I've now been able to experience first hand, the team has made conscious choices and implemented policies which maximize employee wellness and productivity! You can read about some of them here, as shared by my colleagues.

How Mexia meets your Hierarchy of Needs

What makes Mexia one of the greatest places to work in Australia?

I just started at Mexia and it’s great!


What gets me excited about going to work at Mexia?

This is just a short list of the things that get me excited about going to work at Mexia day to day:

  • Convenient Melbourne CBD Location - means I can enjoy my walks through Fitzroy gardens on the commute
  • Bicycle facilities, with showers and towel service - for the good weather rider in me
  • Great coffee nearby - because it's Melbourne
  • Flexible working hours and location as required - because work-life balance is important
  • Hardware allowance - keeps the man-child in me happy with shiny new toys
  • Access to directors and participation in company strategy and vision - so we all are engaged in where we are going
  • Health focused activities - to keep us healthy and sharp, Mexia supports a healthy lifestyle
  • Community engagement - by popular choice in Mexia, Mexia – Giving back to the community

But for me, besides the tangible advertised perks, it is the team dynamics and how my colleagues look out for each other that makes working at Mexia special for me. At Mexia I have heard people say "just be awesome" to describe this :). This is how I have experienced it.


T minus 2 weeks: Preparation

Slack Welcome

2 weeks out from my start date, Mexia colleagues already started reaching out to congratulate me and help me get setup with my development hardware. The day I started, I was already good to go with my new laptop, software and basic accounts.

My experience: Mexians were as excited about me starting at Mexia, as I was to start with them!


First 2 days: Welcome and essentials

Image from iOS

I had a very warm welcome to the Mexia team with a morning tea feast, as well as being greeted with a welcome pack full of Mexia merchandise. Through the People & Culture and role inductions, I was quickly brought up to speed with the essentials - time-sheets, organization structure, architecture, patterns/practices, Mexia values, client engagements, etc. The company CEO (Dean Robertson) and COO (Mathew Coleman) also spent time with me one on one, to help me understand that I am free to setup my own development path in the organization a.k.a. the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' framework.

My experience:

  • The On-boarding process was very efficient and easy
  • Every Mexian is considered unique and is given the freedom and support to develop in their own way

Day 3: Client Engagement

I commenced working on the client project on day 3.

My experience: I felt very happy as the on-boarding work was done so efficiently and I was able to start adding value to our customers sooner than I expected.



My experience: Freedom and accountability but with air-cover

I feel that I have been given freedom to carry out my work without micromanagement, but with enough support when required. My colleagues have reached out to discuss and review my work, even when we are not on the same project and while they are juggling their own work.

My experience: Feeling Inspired

It has been very motivating for me, to be surrounded with really smart colleagues who know what they are doing. But more importantly, they also share their knowledge very openly (several are recognized Microsoft MVPs).

My experience: Psychological Safety

I have been able to openly discuss my personal knowledge gaps with my colleagues.  Never have I felt that this will be taken negatively and I am getting honest help to close those gaps.

My experience: Timely Feedback

I get no-nonsense, timely feedback, which puts my mind at ease and helps me steer my work.


All in all, I am feeling very excited about being a Mexia Unicorn and am ready for my new chapter here!

If you value these patterns and behaviors, which make work a fulfilling experience, do get in touch with us. Mexia is always on the hunt for more Unicorns like you.

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