Platform Engineering

Running a successful business in a highly dynamic marketplace requires agility to respond to change, while keeping costs under control. Process Engineering provides built-for-change solutions that are supported by intelligent workflow & case management, cognitive automation and low-code delivery. We combine industry knowledge, delivery expertise and an engineering mindset to improve the customer experience, mitigate operational risk and reduce costs. Processes are at the centre of everything we do.

Intelligent Workflow & Low Code

Strategic business applications that require human interaction, long-running processes, decisioning and advanced case management capabilities.

  • Combining leading low-code and workflow/case management capabilities
  • Designing intelligent solutions with skilled-based routing
  • Driving straight through processing
  • Introducing next best offer/next best conversation at the right point in time
  • Presenting real-time analytics and operational dashboards

Smart Automation

Combining traditional process automation with advanced artificial intelligence and cognitive automation to deliver a range of ‘smart automation’ solutions.

  • Offering a comprehensive set of automation capabilities
  • Introducing cognitive automation platforms and machine learning solutions
  • Establishing the underlying automation infrastructure (on premise or on the cloud)
  • Running the automation platform through constructs such as the Automation Operations Centre