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    Serverless Logging & Alerting with Service Fabric & Azure Event Grid

    Posted by Dan Toomey on 01 September 2017

    Azure, Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Grid, Serverless

    Microsoft recently released the public preview of Azure Event Grid – a hyper-scalable serverless platform for routing events with intelligent filtering. No more polling for events - Event Grid is a reactive programming platform for pushing events out to interested subscribers. This is an extremely significant...

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    The New Azure Hybrid Connections

    Posted by Dan Toomey on 19 June 2017

    Azure, Azure Relay, Development, Hybrid Connectivity, Service Bus

    Microsoft recently announced that Azure BizTalk Services (MABS) is officially being retired. This was no great surprise, as those who actually used this service and its VETER pipelines to build integrations were well aware that the tooling was cumbersome, the DevOps story was terrible, scalability was severely...

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    Microsoft Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) – Logic Apps, Azure Functions, API Management and Service Bus working together

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 10 February 2017

    Azure, Azure API Management, Azure Functions, iPaaS, Logic Apps, Microsoft iPaaS, Service Bus, Blog, Technology

    [UPDATE] A newer version of this post has been published here. 



    If you work for an established organisation going through Digital Transformation or in a modern company born in the digital era, the chances are that IT is required to implement integration solutions more than ever before. Whether an...

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    Logic Apps and the Service Bus Connector - The Case of the Incomplete Message!

    Posted by Adam Craven on 18 September 2015

    Logic Apps, Microsoft, Service Bus, Blog, Technology

    When an Azure App Service Logic App Service Bus Connector trigger does not complete the Service Bus message...

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    The Symptom

    The other day I tracked down an issue my team was seeing with an Azure App Service Logic App. The Logic App was being triggered by an Azure Service Bus...

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