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    Messaging Channels: Enterprise Integration Patterns on Azure Integration Services

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 09 May 2019

    Azure Functions, Enterprise Integration Patterns, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Azure Event Grid, messaging, Azure Integration Services

    In the previous post of the series, I covered how application data are to be serialised and packaged into messages so they can be transmitted between applications. In this post, I’ll describe the Messaging Channels patterns, which focus on solving the challenges of transmitting messages from a sender application to...

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    Reliable Messaging with Mule ESB and Amazon SQS

    Posted by Andy Evans on 19 June 2014

    tech, mule, messaging, sqs

    I recently used Mule ESB with Amazon's Simple Queue Service (SQS) as the supporting messaging infrastructure. Whilst I was able to achieve a reliable outcome that satisfied all requirements, there are a number of aspects of SQS that make it different to the typical JMS-based messaging system. In this post I’ll cover...

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    Adventures in JVM tuning for ActiveMQ

    Posted by Admin on 25 October 2013

    tech, activemq, messaging

    Recently we helped a client deploy an on-premises ESB platform based on Mule ESB and Apache ActiveMQ. The platform uses JMS queues between ESB services and adapters to provide load balancing and fault tolerance across active/active Mule servers.

    The ESB is a strategic IT asset for our client and so went through...

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