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    Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) – Logic Apps and the Azure Integration Services

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 01 February 2018

    Azure API Management, Azure Functions, iPaaS, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Blog, Vision & Digital Transformation, Technology


    A year ago, I wrote a post about this very same topic, the Microsoft Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). At that time, the core iPaaS product offering, Azure Logic Apps, was roughly 6 months old, since it’s generally available launch. Since the launch date, we’ve seen an impressive release...

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    Externalising Business Rules on Azure Logic Apps using Liquid Templates

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 17 January 2018

    Logic Apps, Liquid Templates, Business Rules Engine, Blog, Technology


    In Azure Logic Apps workflows, you can implement conditions and switch cases to control the flow based on runtime inputs and outputs. This functionality is quite useful, and in many cases, can be used to implement the business rules required. However, those business rules are inherent to the workflow, and...

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    List of Access Keys from Output Values after ARM Template Deployment

    Posted by Justin Yoo on 05 January 2018

    Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Service Bus, ARM Templates, Application Insights, Cosmos DB, Storage Account, Blog, Technology

    There are many cases that we need to retrieve access keys and/or endpoints of Azure resources, as soon as they are deployed through ARM templates. Typical uses cases are:

    1. To display those values in the outputs section of ARM templates,
    2. To get a reference to the outputs section of nested ARM templates from their...
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    SOAP over Azure API Management, Logic Apps and Functions

    Posted by Justin Yoo on 11 December 2017

    Azure API Management, Azure Functions, Logic Apps, WSDL, SOAP, WCF, Blog, Technology

    When we work for a service integration project for a customer’s information systems, not all systems use cutting-edge technologies. Rather, still many information systems use legacy ways to get integration works done. For example, some legacy applications still drop files to a designated folder so that other...

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    Logic Apps: Correlation and Message Dependency Management on Logic Apps with Service Bus

    Posted by Prasoon Madnawat on 09 December 2017

    Azure, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Dependency Management, Correlation


    While working on an integration project, we came across a very interesting requirement of sequencing file fed to a system based on pre-defined dependencies. This problem was complex because the target system did not want to see a file in S3 bucket (or blob container) unless the system has already processed and...

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    Publishing Custom Queries of Logic Apps Execution Logs

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 07 December 2017

    Logic Apps, Monitoring, Azure Log Analytics, Blog, Technology

    In a previous post, I showed how to implement Business Activity Monitoring for Logic Apps. However, sometimes developers, ops, or business users want to query execution logs to get information about the processing of business messages. Whether for troubleshooting or auditing, there are some questions these personas...

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    Securing SAS Token from Azure Logic Apps

    Posted by Justin Yoo on 07 December 2017

    Azure API Management, Azure Functions, Logic Apps, SAS Token, Blog, Technology

    When we are using Azure Logic Apps, especially HTTP trigger, their endpoint URLs are overwhelmingly long. Here is an example:


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    Business Activity Monitoring on Azure Logic Apps with Azure Log Analytics

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 03 December 2017

    Azure, Logic Apps, Monitoring, Azure Log Analytics, BAM, Business Activity Monitoring, Blog, Technology


    Azure Logic Apps provide built-in monitoring tools that allow you to check the run history (including all inputs and outputs of triggers and actions), trigger history, status, performance, etc. Additionally, you can enable diagnostic logging on your Logic Apps and send all these runtime details and events...

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    Preparing Azure Logic Apps for CI/CD using ARM Templates

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 11 October 2017

    Azure, Continuous Integration, Logic Apps, ARM Templates, Blog, Technology


    Logic Apps can be created from the Azure Portal, or using Visual Studio. This works well if you want to create one Logic App at a time. However, if you want to deploy the same Logic App in multiple environments, e.g. Dev, Test, or Production, you want to do it in an automated way. Azure Resource Manager...

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    Monitoring Configuration Drifts on Azure with Event Grid and Logic Apps

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 06 September 2017

    Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid, Azure Automation, Azure Resource Manager, Blog, Technology


    Azure Event Grid is a first-class and hyperscale eventing platform with intelligent filtering that has recently been released in preview and is a real game changer to build event-driven serverless apps on Azure. There have been many other posts, including this one from my colleague Dan Toomey, which...

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