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    Automate Kafka Testing

    Posted by Tabish Ghani on 12 April 2019

    Testing, unit-testing, kafka, Fast-Data


    Apache Kafka is being leveraged very commonly and forms some of large scale and important systems in the world processing trillions of messages per day. It is serving as pipeline backbone for many companies in financial and tech industry.

    Before I continue, I want to set some expectations. The point of this...

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    Access KSQL server in Google Kubernetes Engine locally in 5 steps

    Posted by Tabish Ghani on 25 March 2019

    kubernetes, container, kafka, dataflow, Fast-Data


    Apache Kafka allows both local and cloud deployment so you can publish data from on premise environment and trigger services in the cloud. It is at the heart of our stacks that require real time processing. Confluent KSQL (streaming engine) allows stream processing in a simple and interactive SQL interface...

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    Journey Towards Event-Driven Microservices

    Posted by Sudarshan Sreenivasan on 26 November 2018

    Events, Microservices, tech, kafka, EDA

    Many organizations are adopting a microservices architecture in order to reduce dependencies between system components and allow more frequent release cycles and more flexible scalability. However, unless they have a clear view of the underlying interaction patterns, teams risk building a tightly coupled distributed...

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