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    Solving Complex Problems With DataWeave

    Posted by Lipika Naik on 16 November 2018

    tech, java, mule, dataweave, groovy

    DataWeave is the primary transformation language in Mule. What is interesting about DataWeave is that it brings together features of XSLT (mapping), SQL (joinBy, splitBy, orderBy, groupBy, distinctBy operators), Streaming, Functional Programming (use of functions in DataWeave code) to make it a power-packed data...

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    Microservices using Spring Boot & Swagger - Part 1

    Posted by Bharat Patel on 10 August 2018

    Microservices, tech, api, java, swagger, spring

    Microservices have become popular as a way of eliminating hidden dependencies between software components and allowing fine-grained deployment without dragging along unneccessary context. In this way, microservices promote autonomy for agile development teams and allow an application to evolve more naturally and in...

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    XSLT Extension Functions in Mule 3.6+

    Posted by Robert Valk on 19 November 2015

    java, mule, xslt

    The Mule 3.6 release brought a comprehensive and very welcome refresh of XML capabilities, including cutting-edge XSLT support via the Saxon 9.6 HE library. Unfortunately one feature lost in this overhaul was Saxon’s easy mechanism for using Java methods as XSLT extension functions. Here’s how we made it easier to use...

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