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Enterprise Integration Patterns on Azure Integration Services - Message Construction

Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 10 April 2019

Azure Functions, Enterprise Integration Patterns, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Azure Event Grid, Azure iPaaS

When we are designing a message-based integration solution, one of the first things we need to define is how the application data are going to be serialised into messages, so they can be transmitted to other applications. The Message Construction Enterprise Integration Patterns provide documented knowledge that can...

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Monitoring Configuration Drifts on Azure with Event Grid and Logic Apps

Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 06 September 2017

Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid, Azure Automation, Azure Resource Manager, Blog, Technology


Azure Event Grid is a first-class and hyperscale eventing platform with intelligent filtering that has recently been released in preview and is a real game changer to build event-driven serverless apps on Azure. There have been many other posts, including this one from my colleague Dan Toomey, which...

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