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    Correlated Structured Logging on Azure Functions

    Posted by Paco de la Cruz on 06 September 2018

    Azure Functions, Serverless, Application Insights, Blog, Technology, Logging, Structured Logging


    If you are reading this post, chances are that you know that things can go wrong and thus logging can be very useful when a solution is in production to monitor or troubleshoot it. But, not all logs are equal. While you can have enough information available, unstructured logging can be hard to read,...

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    List of Access Keys from Output Values after ARM Template Deployment

    Posted by Justin Yoo on 05 January 2018

    Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Service Bus, ARM Templates, Application Insights, Cosmos DB, Storage Account, Blog, Technology

    There are many cases that we need to retrieve access keys and/or endpoints of Azure resources, as soon as they are deployed through ARM templates. Typical uses cases are:

    1. To display those values in the outputs section of ARM templates,
    2. To get a reference to the outputs section of nested ARM templates from their...
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