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    Terraform – Your friend for managing Infrastructure on Cloud

    Posted by Sangam Kumari on 28 October 2021

    DevOps, cloud computing, terraform, cloud infrastructure, multicloud

    The accelerating move to cloud computing over the past few years represents a major shift in the IT world. Driven in part by the lower total cost of ownership and flexibility, an increasing number of small and large organisations and companies globally are now utilising cloud-based platforms to host their...

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    Addressing the Dynamics 365 API Service Protection Limits using Boomi and Azure APIM

    Posted by Sarah Fernando on 20 October 2021

    Azure API Management, api, Boomi, dynamic connection properties, d365 rate limits


    Boomi can mediate interactions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Custom Engagement by invoking the Dataverse API. In situations where applications need to support real-time synchronous interactions, measures need to be in place to ensure that threshold limits that are imposed by the Dataverse API are not...

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    Ensuring success at the end of a consulting engagement

    Posted by Liz Douglass on 05 October 2021

    Modern Engineering, Operations


    As a client, it often takes a lot of time and effort to start an engagement with a consultancy, especially if it’s a significant investment or a strategic project. Finding support and sponsors, securing funding, deciding on tools, and identifying a strategic partner are all important and time-consuming tasks.


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    11 essential items for a cut-over

    Posted by Andrew Rawson on 13 July 2021

    release, release management, cut-over, runsheet, command centre, rollback, dress rehearsal, cut-over plan, go-live

    So, you want to cut-over hey…

    Releasing your hard-earned code, platforms and new customer experiences can be daunting and challenging but also a very rewarding experience. After all, you have spent your blood, sweat and tears to finally get to a point where your software can be used. Whether it be a daily...

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    I don't think I have the tech capability that I need. What do I do?

    Posted by Liz Douglass on 06 July 2021

    Modern Engineering, Capability

    I can’t tell you how often I’ve spoken with CIOs and CTOs who say they have a gap in their team’s capability, but can’t quite identify what that gap is or how big it is. They just know they need a fresh perspective to solve old problems.

    If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then you may be in a similar situation:

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    The Secrets of Kubernetes

    Posted by Reza Susanto on 29 June 2021

    Azure, CICD, Microsoft Azure, kubernetes, Azure Key Vault, secrets management, kubernetes secrets

    At Deloitte Platform Engineering, I help organisations build Kubernetes clusters and establish baseline policies and governance to ensure that they remain secure. A key aspect of cluster governance is defining how sensitive application configuration or ‘secrets’ are managed and used within the cluster.

    Secrets such...

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    Part 3: Azure Functions on Kubernetes - have your cake and eat it too

    Posted by Aaron Newton on 22 June 2021

    Azure Functions, Cloud Strategy, Microservices, Serverless, kubernetes, serverless hosting


    If you’ve read the first two posts in this series, welcome back. So far in our story, our heroes – microservices and serverless functions – save us from a monolithic meltdown. Go have a read if you’d like to laugh, cringe, and learn from my adventures.

    This final post covers a different project. We had...

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    The Demand for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

    Posted by Saul Caganoff on 02 June 2021

    kubernetes, deloitte platform engineering, RedHat, Deloitte, CoE, Red Hat OpenShift

    Platform Management

    In our previous article (The Shift to PaaS), we talked about the “subscribe and go” model for platform consumption which is increasingly enabling mainstream adoption of cloud-native platforms. However, this model may not suit all business requirements and many organisations must deal with a...

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    The Shift to PaaS

    Posted by Saul Caganoff on 19 May 2021

    kubernetes, deloitte platform engineering, RedHat, Deloitte, CoE, Red Hat OpenShift

    Platform Subscription

    As cloud-native platform technologies mature and become mainstream, the type of organisations utilising these platforms changes. There is less emphasis on install and operate and more of a shift towards optimisation and realising business benefits. Early adopters are done “experimenting” with...

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    Part 2: Command your kitchen with queues and serverless functions

    Posted by Aaron Newton on 11 May 2021

    Azure Functions, Microservices, Service Bus, Serverless, humour


    If you’ve read part one of this series, welcome back. If you didn’t, it was an action-packed exposé on start-up life and the ways in which microservices will decrease your stress and your snack budget. Pour your beverage of choice and go read it.

    In chapter two - the project hits the big-time. Serverless 

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