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    Varun Thakur

    Varun Thakur
    Varun Thakur is a Senior Integration Consultant working with Deloitte Australia. His job is to explore and implement integration solutions including technologies such as Dell Boomi, Mulesoft, TIBCO, Azure, etc.
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    Set up automated deployment of Boomi applications using Azure DevOps

    Posted by Varun Thakur on 28 November 2019

    CICD, Microsoft Azure, ci-cd, Azure Pipelines, Azure DevOps, Boomi, Dell Boomi


    When I started working on Dell Boomi on one of our projects, I soon found out that it does not allow us access to the source code. Therefore, it becomes difficult to set up the CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment) of Boomi applications, as the conventional CICD process starts when someone...

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