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    Sujay Athavale

    Sujay Athavale
    Sujay is a highly experienced architect and consultant with a proven track record of designing and delivering resilient and scalable cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions using Microsoft Azure for some of Australia’s largest companies. With over 15 years of experience in roles such as Senior Consultant, Integration Architect, Solution Architect, and Development Lead, he has considerable experience in stakeholder management as well as managing development teams.
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    Validating RSA JWT Tokens with Azure API Management

    Posted by Sujay Athavale on 31 July 2020

    Azure, Azure API Management, security, OAuth 2.0, api policy, RSA, RS256, JWT


    In this post, I highlight recently enhanced capabilities of the Validate JWT policy in Azure API Management and the specific gap that addresses for customers. I also provide related recommendations, tips and policy samples, which are not as yet available in Microsoft documentation.

    Validate JWT policy

    The ...

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