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    Characterizing Microservices

    Posted by Saul Caganoff on 03 September 2014

    Architecture, Microservices, api, soa

    My last microservices post welcomed the opportunity to further the conversation about service oriented architectures, because frankly the SOA job isn’t done yet. But I didn’t actually talk about what microservices are. Here I write down a simple definition.

    Well, actually there isn’t one. Microservices are a little...

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    Composable Capabilities on Demand

    Posted by Saul Caganoff on 28 August 2014

    Architecture, platforms, composable-enterprise

    My last post on the Composable Enterprise gave an overview of Jonathan Murray’s manifesto. While this is leading edge stuff, it is by no means new. We’ve been aiming for composable architectures for many decades now, going back to DCE and CORBA and perhaps even earlier. This speaks to how difficult the challenge is...

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    Microservices! Really?

    Posted by Saul Caganoff on 21 August 2014

    Architecture, Microservices, api, soa

    My colleague Yamen recently started the Sydney Microservices meetup group and the response was surprisingly strong with more than 86 people registered within 10 days. The first meetup on September 3 has 36 RSVPs. This is merely a local indication of the buzz that surrounds microservices at the moment.

    You may have...

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