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    Joern Staby

    Joern Staby
    ICT Management professional, Agile Practitioner and Business Analyst with a proven track record in delivering major ICT initiatives and improvements for organisations in the Finance, Media, Government, Healthcare and INGO sectors. Has worked on projects in Africa, Europe, Eurasia and Asia, with extensive experience in international project management, business and systems analysis, ICT strategy development and service delivery, assessing technology integration and managing teams in agile, multi-cultural environments.
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    Delivering Successful Outcomes on Multi-Vendor Systems Integration Projects

    Posted by Joern Staby on 05 April 2018

    Agile, Development, Article, Delivery, Technology


    No two systems integration projects are the same, given the large number of applications, platforms and component subsystems that can be brought together to function as an integrated system, and the wide range of business requirements and business outcomes that are typically pursued.

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