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    Grant Samuels

    Grant Samuels
    Practice Lead for Mexia, with more than 12 years of IT experience in industries such as financial services, media, resources and logistics. Highly motivated, with a proven track record in delivering integration solutions for some of Australia’s largest companies. Areas of expertise include Integration and Solution Architecture, BizTalk, Azure, SOA, WCF and .Net.
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    Azure API Management CI/CD Best Practices

    Posted by Grant Samuels on 13 April 2018

    Azure API Management, Continuous Integration, Microsoft, VSTS, ARM Templates, Article, Technology


    Azure API Management is a great product that we often use on customer solutions. It is an extremely effective way to provide a layer of abstraction between your callers and back-end APIs, and provides centralised governance across your API surface.



    However, one of the most common questions from our...

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