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    Everett Toews

    Everett Toews
    Everett is working to improve the developer experience of building cloud native applications through a combination of development, operations, testing, documentation, and CI/CD. He's interested in composing distributed systems using code, APIs, SDKs, CLIs, containers, and cloud. He likes to teach what he learns along the way.
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    GitOps Driven Deployments on OpenShift

    Posted by Everett Toews on 16 July 2019

    CICD, DevOps, platform, openshift, gitops

    Our industry is determined to deliver value ever more rapidly, safely, and securely across software development lifecycle environments. One way to achieve this is through GitOps. In broad terms, GitOps is about applying the Git feature workflow to operations. I took this idea and narrowed it down to exactly one use...

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