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    Ciju Joseph

    Ciju Joseph
    Ciju is an experienced Solutions Architect in Deloitte Consulting’s Platform Engineering team focusing on APIs, process automation, integration and cloud native solutions. Ciju has a passion for learning new technologies and applying the ones that best fit the needs of each client. Ciju is currently leading the Workato Practice in Deloitte Platform Engineering
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    Workato and the evolution of Integration

    Posted by Ciju Joseph on 26 November 2019

    Integration, iPaaS, Serverless, Slack, APIs, automation, business groups, RPA, future of work, workato, SaaS

    In 2019 it is a no-brainer to say that APIs are behind a lot of successful software innovations & SaaS products. In other words, APIs are essentially the enabler of automation and innovation. With the explosion of SaaS products and platforms in recent years, companies are turning to such platforms and their third...

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