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    Maximising Your APIs with a Digital Integration Hub

    Kickstart Your DevOps Career with Deloitte Platform Engineering

    Help Others Help You

    Deploying Kubernetes using lightweight runtimes on Centos Stream 8

    Monitoring Logic Apps Standard with Application Insights – Querying & Analysing Traces

    Hexagonal Architecture

    Monitoring Logic Apps Standard with Application Insights – Implementation

    Monitoring Logic Apps Standard with Application Insights – Introduction

    Azure Update Management - Why you need it

    Logic Apps Standard vs Durable Functions: How to Choose? (2021 Update)

    Terraform – Your friend for managing Infrastructure on Cloud

    Addressing the Dynamics 365 API Service Protection Limits using Boomi and Azure APIM

    Ensuring success at the end of a consulting engagement

    11 essential items for a cut-over

    I don't think I have the tech capability that I need. What do I do?

    The Secrets of Kubernetes

    Part 3: Azure Functions on Kubernetes - have your cake and eat it too

    The Demand for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

    The Shift to PaaS

    Part 2: Command your kitchen with queues and serverless functions

    Red Hat OpenShift at Speed with Deloitte Accelerators

    Part 1: How to reduce your doughnut budget with microservices

    Optimal Development Workflow for Microservices

    Custom Distributed Tracing and Observability Practices with Azure Functions – Part 3: Implementation

    Establishing Guardrails with Azure DevOps Pipelines

    Custom Distributed Tracing and Observability Practices in Azure Functions – Part 2: Solution Design

    Custom Distributed Tracing and Observability Practices in Azure Functions – Part 1: Introduction

    Smart Stubbing Framework

    Start from where you are

    Platform Management: Enterprise Integration Patterns on Azure Integration Services

    Tech delivery challenges effecting market share and how to navigate them

    The monumental rise of "Buy Now Pay Later" Solutions

    Map your way to understanding and agreement

    Transform your data with dbt and Serverless architecture

    Contract-First API Development using Dell Boomi and Azure API Management

    Internal and external capability: both is best

    Message Transformation: Enterprise Integration Patterns on Azure Integration Services

    Speed up your IT delivery with modern engineering

    Reviewing the APIdays Strategy Agenda

    Reviewing the APIdays Execution Agenda

    Message Routing: Enterprise Integration Patterns on Azure Integration Services

    Reviewing the APIdays Platform Agenda

    Announcing the APIdays Keynotes

    APIdays Returns in September

    Simplification of AWS networking scenarios using Transit Gateway

    Validating RSA JWT Tokens with Azure API Management

    Serverless Patterns and Best Practices for AWS - Part 3, Operate

    Transitioning from Developer to Tech Lead: How To Effectively Lead Tech Teams

    Load Balancing Public and Private Traffic to Azure API Management across Multiple Regions

    Serverless Patterns and Best Practices for AWS - Part 2, Build

    Semantic Versioning with Conventional Commits

    Keeping Secrets Secret in Azure Web Apps

    Serverless Patterns and Best Practices for AWS - Part 1, Design

    Contact tracing apps - can we trust the tech?

    New Ways of Work in the times of COVID-19

    APIdays Melbourne: Call for Speakers

    GitOps: Reconciling Desired State with a Runtime Environment

    Adopting new ways of working in response to change

    Set up automated deployment of Boomi applications using Azure DevOps

    Workato and the evolution of Integration

    Creating pipelines with Azure DevOps for your Mule releases

    Hairy Causes: A Movember to Remember

    A day in the life of a DPE Business Analyst

    Test & Audit Infrastructure with Inspec

    Your Own Serverless Request Bin with Durable Entities and Azure Durable Functions 2.0

    Build and deploy Apigee proxies with Azure DevOps

    Lessons learnt from deploying Azure Search via CI-CD

    Your Own Serverless Request Bin with Azure Functions

    From the eyes of a graduate, how to make the most of your DPE experience!

    The pebble in the digital worker's shoe

    #PEtechtalk in Melbourne | August edition

    OAuth for your Business Group in Anypoint Platform

    APIdays early-bird ends today!

    APIdays - Modern Architecture for APIs

    In a Digital World, APIs are the Expression of Your Business

    New Dev SKU for Azure Integration Service Environment (ISE)

    Bootcamp Graduation Guiding Grads

    GitOps Driven Deployments on OpenShift

    OAuth 2.0 Authorisation with the Client Credentials Flow on Azure API Management

    Azure Operate - The choice I made

    Culture and Principles at the Heart of Enterprise Agility

    APIdays Returns to Melbourne

    TimeKeeper: Using Azure Logic Apps to generate updates from Tempo in Jira

    Through a Fathers Eye - A Deloitte Dad Poem

    'Little' things

    Messaging Endpoints: Enterprise Integration Patterns on Azure Integration Services

    Messaging Channels: Enterprise Integration Patterns on Azure Integration Services

    6 Ways Passing Secrets to ARM Templates

    Knocking on Azure's Front Door

    Dashboarding JVM metrics from OpenShift pods

    Automate Kafka Testing

    Message Construction: Enterprise Integration Patterns on Azure Integration Services

    Back to the future

    Evolution of the Solution Architect Role

    Write and deploy an Apache Beam pipeline with Dataflow

    Access KSQL server in Google Kubernetes Engine locally in 5 steps

    Protecting Data Privacy - Obligations for solution architects

    Mule on OpenShift: Part 2 - Build & Deploy

    An Open Letter on Opening Up

    Enterprise Integration Patterns on Azure Integration Services - Introduction

    Swift Service Fabric Deployments with PowerShell

    Mule on OpenShift: Part 1 - Deployment Models

    Performing Constructor Injections on Azure Functions V2

    Journey Towards Event-Driven Microservices

    Solving Complex Problems With DataWeave

    Empowering Business with a Platform Architecture Approach

    Credit Assessment & Social Data — Part 2: Using Social Indicators

    Credit Assessment & Social Data — Part 1: Traditional Credit Rating

    Promoting a Performance Mindset in Non-Technical Roles

    Containers Crossing the Chasm

    Correlated Structured Logging on Azure Functions

    Comparing Istio with Netflix Frameworks for Inter-Microservices Communications

    Reassessing Credit Assessment

    AWS Elasticsearch Snapshot Archival for the Brave

    Microservices using Spring Boot & Swagger - Part 1

    6 Key Pillars of a Successful DevOps Strategy

    Writing ARM Templates in YAML

    Testing ARM Templates with Pester #2 – Azure CLI

    Async Http APIs with Azure Durable Functions (and Polling Client)

    Building A Continuous Delivery Pipeline for StreamSets

    A Pace-Layered Integration Architecture

    ARM Template Lifecycle Management: DOs and DON'Ts

    Separation of Concerns: Logic App from ARM Template

    Azure Durable Functions vs Logic Apps: How to choose?

    Low Code: Revisiting Buy vs Build Decisions

    Azure Durable Functions Pattern: Approval Workflow with Slack

    Top 4 considerations when preparing a Statement of Work

    Azure Durable Functions Pattern: Approval Workflow with SendGrid

    Azure API Management CI/CD Best Practices

    Dependency Injections on Azure Functions V2

    Delivering Successful Outcomes on Multi-Vendor Systems Integration Projects

    Cosmos DB in Azure Functions V1 and V2

    Converting UTC to Local Time via Azure Functions and Logic Apps

    5 Reasons Why Great Integrations are like Great Relationships

    Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) – Logic Apps and the Azure Integration Services

    Testing ARM Templates with Pester #1 - PowerShell

    Externalising Business Rules on Azure Logic Apps using Liquid Templates

    List of Access Keys from Output Values after ARM Template Deployment

    Dynamic Access to Azure Functions Keys without KUDU Dependencies

    SOAP over Azure API Management, Logic Apps and Functions

    Logic Apps: Correlation and Message Dependency Management on Logic Apps with Service Bus

    Publishing Custom Queries of Logic Apps Execution Logs

    Securing SAS Token from Azure Logic Apps

    Business Activity Monitoring on Azure Logic Apps with Azure Log Analytics

    How to automate Project Build numbers in VSTS

    OpenShift 3 Demystified. For Developers.

    Preparing Azure Logic Apps for CI/CD using ARM Templates

    Monitoring Configuration Drifts on Azure with Event Grid and Logic Apps

    Serverless Logging & Alerting with Service Fabric & Azure Event Grid

    It's the Autonomy, Stupid!

    When to Use an Azure App Service Environment v2 (App Service Isolated)

    Why integration is key to digital transformation

    The Logic Apps Webhook Action and the Correlation Identifier Pattern

    Triggering an Azure Logic App by SMS messages with Twilio

    The New Azure Hybrid Connections

    Transforming JSON Objects in Logic Apps

    Implementing the Polling Consumer Pattern using Azure Logic Apps

    Displaying Team City build status in Octopus Deploy

    Microsoft Azure Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) – Logic Apps, Azure Functions, API Management and Service Bus working together

    Monitoring Anypoint CloudHub API Gateway using Amazon Lambda and ELK

    Sixtree to form Deloitte Platform Engineering!

    Export CloudHub Logs To An External Logging System

    Dynamic flows in Mule using Spring Application Context

    Why Assembler is the future of Integration

    Microservices with Apache Camel, Spring Boot and Docker

    Jumpstarting Camel Blueprint Testing

    Ansible Crash Course

    XSLT Extension Functions in Mule 3.6+

    Issue with BTDF not deploying to GAC in multi server installs

    Upgrade your Groovy Scripts in Mule with DSLDs

    Logic Apps and the Service Bus Connector - The Case of the Incomplete Message!

    Alfresco Activiti BPM Suite - Part I

    Advanced File Handling in Mule

    Dock Tales: Docker Authoring, with Special Guest Mule ESB

    Dock Tales, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Container

    LDAP Security in Mule

    Developing Bulk APIs with Mule, RAML and APIKit

    Introduction to Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) Stack

    Crisis of the Monolith

    PaaS: Only a Part of The Composable Enterprise

    Value Cross Referencing in Integration

    A Groovy way to implement a JMS Request Response client using Camel

    The Digital Enterprise Shift

    Characterizing Microservices

    Composable Capabilities on Demand

    Microservices! Really?

    The Composable Enterprise

    Business Insights from Data in Motion

    Incremental Change

    Continuous Delivery with Go

    Platforms Beat Monoliths

    Reliable Messaging with Mule ESB and Amazon SQS

    Technology is a Differentiator

    The Benefits of A Layered Architecture

    The Value of Integration

    Warp Speed on the Composable Enterprise

    Accelerating Mule ESB Development With Project Templates

    Working with an Offshore Development Team

    Formatting Dates and Times using XSLT 2.0 and XPath

    Data Mapping with Groovy - Part 2