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AWS Elasticsearch Snapshot Archival for the Brave

Posted by Rahul Sharma on 22 August 2018

Data retention has become a crucial topic over the past few years, with organisations continuously exploring better ways to define and implement secure processes that cater to their needs. This becomes increasingly difficult when most of our data is stored/generated in the cloud, hence, requiring a flexible and innovative approach towards managing our data assets.

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Business Insights from Data in Motion

Posted by on 23 July 2014

Building distributed systems is our métier. One lesson we learned very early is the importance of visibility across all the elements in a system. But the more extended and loosely coupled your systems, the harder it is to achieve the visibility required. Loose coupling promotes availability and resilience but works against oversight and control. This is essentially a corollary of the CAP theorem. The challenge is very applicable to microservices as described by Benjamin Wootton in his article "Microservices - Not A Free Lunch!." 

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