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Posted by Gnanaguru Sattanathan on 30 November 2018

Whether you are hoping to gain business insights from massive amounts of data or keep your systems scaling and operational with distributed architectures, event streams are an important new way for organizations to work with data.

Kafka Meetup - Wednesday December 5th

Deloitte is pleased to be partnering with Confluent to support the Kafka meetup on Wednesday December 5th.

Kafka is an important new technology for any real-time architecture, be it a IoT solution, Streaming analytics platform, Event driven application landscape. Kafka’s market presence is unique and is rapidly gaining adoption, driven by the open source community. But Kafka is not just Kafka anymore, It has started to take on new roles to solve more complex problems in enterprises. Want to know more ?

Wednesday’s meetup in Melbourne is an opportunity to connect directly with Gwen Shapira, Principal Data Architect at Confluent. who will be talking about The art and science of capacity planning with Kafka.

Places are strictly limited, so reserve your seats now:

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Microservices Meetup - Thursday December 6th

Technology is changing rapidly, whether it is a product, platform, application or the ways we work. But we don’t just see changes, we see convergence ! Convergence in technology, people, terminologies, teams and perspectives.

Big data was disruptive, it changed our perspectives towards data and it enabled incredible opportunities and capabilities for businesses. But how data driven organisations will have to bring up data platforms going forward ? We’re proud to partner with Streamsets and Google to bring you the next Microservices Meetup on Thursday December 6th.

We have Arvind Prabhakar, Co-founder & CTO of Streamsets talking about ‘Emerging Trends in Data Microservices

James Liu, Customer Engineer at Google will also be talking about ‘Istio and Observing Microservices

Sign up now to reserve your seats:

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